4 Reasons You Should Decorate Your Home With REAL Art

Got a big blank spot on your wall that needs some eye candy? Or are you looking for a statement piece to pull the room together? Your first thought might be to head to the home decor section of a big chain store. They have “art” there, and it’s relatively cheap, and it’s usually run-of-the-mill or on-trend, so it’ll go with anything, right?

Then you walk into your friend’s home and see they have the same exact “painting” or wall sculpture. Or you decide to change your color choices and now it doesn’t “match”. Did you even really like it to begin with?

What if you knew who made it, and why, and you could learn about the process, and see the brushstrokes or fingerprints of the actual ARTIST who made it? What if your purchase from this artist allowed them to continue creating and pushing their boundaries and developing their unique style and one day they really make it…and the art you bought from them appreciates in value and YOU are part of their story?

I could probably name a 100 reasons you should buy REAL art, but I’ll give you a few really good ones to get started:

  1. Direct support of artists - Buying original art or art prints (directly from artists when you can, or through galleries or shops if you can’t) is voting with your dollars. It’s a vote for that artist (and for all artists everywhere!) to pursue their passion, push themselves creatively, and actually make income from their work. 

  2. Exclusivity - When you buy original artworks, you will own the ONLY version of that work. You will be able to see all the hallmarks of handmade art - the texture of the materials, the depth and vibrancy of the colors and values, and you can learn about the story behind it - artists really do want to share about their work and what inspires them to do it.

  3. Curating your UNIQUE space - You will begin looking at art through a more critical lens of what YOU like, and not what matches your sofa. You will begin to curate a unique space that shows your personality while celebrating the artists and makers in your community and beyond. 

  4. Human Connection - You will know that your investment was more than a checkout line transaction. You have a connection with another human when you purchase their art. You get to take a piece of them home that will bring you joy for years to come. It’s why we feel very different standing in front of an authentic Van Gogh painting in a museum than a poster of it on the wall. And that feeling is priceless. 

If you are ready to commit to buying REAL art, you can start right here! Or if you want to do a little more research before beginning your collection, you can check out 5 ways to begin collecting art here.